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As an online personal trainer, I can help you wherever you are in the UK, because geography shouldn’t get in the way of achieving your health and fitness goals! I also know that life can get busy, and sometimes it’s tough to make regular face-to-face fitness coaching sessions. So our online training programme has been created with all of this in mind & starts with a quick online consultation. Both the 8 and 12-week online fitness coaching programmes include a tailored training plan and exercise analysis plus weekly check-ins over email/Skype. You’ll receive support and motivation along the way as well as all the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.


Premium Package 

£150 Per Month

Fully Tailored Work-Out Plan

Free Access To Our App With Video Demonstrations  

Full Nutrition Coaching

Check-Ins With Your Coach Every Weeks

Full 24/7 Email Support 


Frequently asked questions.

What is Online Coaching?

 Online personal training is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. You have access to your own individual exercise plan and nutritional program. As well as weekly check-in’s with your coach to make sure you’re on the track or need any help or changes to your plan.

How do I access my program?

We have our own app. In the app, all your programs both exercise and nutritional will be housed. Each exercise comes with its own video tutorial and a log book.

How does online training work?

After a thorough consultation,  your coach will write  your own tailored exercise plan based on the experience, time scale, availability, and equipment. Furthermore, your coach will write a personalized meal plan for your own specification and dietary requirements.  Every week, you be asked to complete a  simple 2-minute questionnaire on the app about how your week of training and nutrition has gone.  You will have a digit check-in with your coach, either via zoom call or message to ask any questions, support, or changes to your program. Your coach is also available for email 7 days a week in office hours.

Is online training for me?

It is our policy not to take on beginners.

If you haven’t weight trained before, we recommend hiring a personal trainer to ensure your training safely and effectively

If you feel competent in the gym, but lack guidance and planning for both exercise and nutrition to achieve your goals, online coaching is for you

Consultation Booking


Consultation and Goal Setting

Assessment and Data Collection


Receive Program

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“Richard is a very prepared and friendly personal trainer. I highly recommend him as he delivers high quality sessions by designing specific programs tailored to your needs and always having useful advices in regards to the diet to follow and the science behind the exercises.”



“Richard has been a really great fitness coach for me. He brings knowledge and structure to the personal training sessions so that I just have to turn up and get on with it. I highly recommend him to anybody that is serious about hitting some goals!”




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