1-1 & Group Personal Trainer based in London Bridge, Southwark & Bermondsey. SE1

Looking for a Personal Trainer in London? Wanting to lose fat, build muscle, tone, boost your confidence or embark on a your first strength training journey.


My name is Richard Sinclair and I have been a Personal Trainer in London now for the past 10 years helping hundreds of people achieve lasting results.

What I offer: 


* Bespoke session plans tailored to you and your goals, lifestyle, and limitations.

* Nutrition advice and education 

* Frequent progression reviews 


See what my clients have to say… I’m voted 5* on Google!

“Richard is a very prepared and friendly trainer. I highly recommend him as he delivers high-quality sessions by designing specific programs tailored to your needs and always having useful advice in regards to the diet to follow and the science behind the exercises.”


Marketing Manager

I loved training with Richard. He was really attentive and worked with my personal imitations and ensured that I was comfortable. Unfortunately, due to a move I am not longer training with him but would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgable, motivational and fun personal trainer!

Aleksandra Nadolski

Head Of Events

“I would highly recommended. Richard is an extremely knowledgeable and friendly trainer who as well as providing a quality program targeted to my specific goals, has always been able to explain the reasoning and science behind his advice. This advice and insight ranges from the highly specific related to nutrition, form, and specific exercises or more general advice to always keep in mind such as how to approach suspected overtraining and when to rest – the latter of which had always been a problem for me. Whatever your fitness goals, I recommend you go here.”



Frequently Asked Questions.

How does it work?

First, we arrange a complimentary phone consultation to understand your goals and specifics needs.

Then we arrange a complimentary taster session with your coach, at a time that suits you.

Then we sit down and formulate the long-term plan to achieve your goals.

Then we elevate your progress on a monthly basis. 




Do I Need To Paid For Gym Membership?

No, a gym membership is not required to train with your personal trainer.

Can I Have A Taster Session?

.Yes we offer all enquires a free 1 hour taster session 

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing will vary depending on the time of day and how many sessions per week.  Please ask your trainer for a quote.

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