Virtual personal Training

As a personal trainer, I understood some clients want to get fit and push themselves, but don’t have time to go to the gym. These busy professionals need a trainer that understand they needs. So here at Sinclair Fitness we came up with Virtual Personal Training. Having a personal training in your home pushing and motivating towards your fitness goals could be your answer to a better body.

Your received a detail consultation and workout plan, and over zoom you will have a coach right they in your home helping along the way.


Other Featured Programs

Personal Training

This a great way to learn the fundamentals and give you the tools and confidence to exercise the right way.We analyse your technique and skill level. You will be pushed and motivated along the way.

Online Personal Training

Online coaching is the expertise and guidance of a fitness professional giving you everting you need to achieve your goals without the price tag of in person training.

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Consultation and Goal Setting

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Assessment and Data Collection

Execution and Training

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“Richard is a very prepared and friendly personal trainer. I highly recommend him as he delivers high quality sessions by designing specific programs tailored to your needs and always having useful advices in regards to the diet to follow and the science behind the exercises.”



“Richard has been a really great fitness coach for me. He brings knowledge and structure to the personal training sessions so that I just have to turn up and get on with it. I highly recommend him to anybody that is serious about hitting some goals!”




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