Keep up to date with the latest cutting edge advances in Health & Fitness. Here I will share with you my opinion on the most famous & latest books, with the aim to guide you in which one to read or not.

The Squat Bible


The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Squat and Finding Your True Strength

While many books superficially go over many exercises, there are few books that go into depth for a single exercise like The squat bible.  While banded reverse grip half rep trap bar deadlift might get people’s attention, programs that are based around the classic corner exercise are far more optimals for long term strength progress. So the squat bible offers the reader the chance to truly master the squat, the unquestionable king of exercises. Written by Dr. Arron Horschig strength coach and physiotherapist.  He presents an easily assessible book to understand the squat technique. This book also contains drills and simple tests to perform to screen movement restriction that could hamper your squatting. The book is very well illustrated with clear, easy to follow pictures of exercise and drills. If you want to learn how to squat, coach others to squat, and know how to fix common mobility restriction, this book is a must for coaches and squatting enthusiasts alike.

the squat bible book

The World's Fittest Book


The world’s fittest book is an ambitious book. But you don’t expect anything else from a man who has swum around Great Britain, climbed a rope the equivalent of Everest and towed a car around a race track for  26 miles… because…. well …why not.

This book attempts to make hard nosed exercise science  principles easily accessible and even fun to read.

This is achieved by relating, engaging and humorous anecdotes from Ross’s athletic adventuring, into easily digestible principles and training programs, making it a true joy to read.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what the methods and insider knowledge elite athletes are using to physically prepare their bodies – delivered in a highly accessible, relatable and charming way –  then no other commercialy marketed fitness book comes anywhere close.

A must for any fitness enthusiast coach alike

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The little black book of training wisdom


The little black book of training wisdom is the brainchild of Dr. Dan Cleather Ph.D. and Dan John.  Between them, these two seasoned strengths and conditioning coaches, have decades of experience, coaching some of the world’s most elite athletes.

 Dr. Cleather is an accomplished sports science and academic, contributing to our current understanding of exercise science himself. The little black book of training wisdom is not some jargon-laden textbook, which requires years of studying sports sciences to understand. Rather, it is years of experiences, by world-class coaches, distilled into handy, easy to understand guild.  Therefore, personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts or, really anyone, can pick this up and get into the mind of an elite coach, understand the thought process, experiences and philosophies.  By all means, this book has the power to give anyone a new perspective on training, and how to approach it.

In the same way, an experienced coach can pick this up and learn something new. In a nutshell, a gem and a must for anyone wanting to pick the minds of high-level strength coaches.

the little black book of training wisdom
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