Squat Technique

If you are new to weight lifting or just wondering what exactly is the technique for a proper squat so you don’t injure yourself, continue reading below. I will explain in detail the 3 phases of this exercice, which will help you grow your glutes.


The setup

  • Set up the bar at armpit height
  • Step under the bar, make sure the bar sits on your upper traps
  • Grab the bar with wrists in line with elbows
  • Pinch your shoulder blades together
  • Extend the knee’s
  • Take 2-3 small steps backwards
  • Set up your feet either shoulder or hip width apart depending on your individual anatomy. Do what feels natural and strong
  • Either point your feet forward or turn them out at 11 and 1 0’clock.Do what feels natural
  • Pull your shoulder blades down and back
  • Brace your core
  • Pull the bar into your body
  • Bring your elbow forwards
  • Bring hands as far into the bar as possible

The Descend

  • Keep core braced
  • Keep chest big
  • Start the movement by pushing the knees over the toes and bum back at the same time
  • Keep knees over your big toes
  • Allow knees to travel over feet
  • Think about pushing your knees out
  • Keep foot pressure over big toe, inside ball of heel, and outside ball of heel
  • Think about grabbing the ground with your feet
  • Either go to parallel depth or deeper depending your mobility

The Ascend

  • When in bottom position, initial the ascend by extending the knees and hip at the same time. Think about pushing the floor away from you while pushing your chest up.
  • Maintain a braced core, don’t let your back round
  • Maintain pushing your knee’s out
  • Squeeze the glutes at the top of the movement 
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