How to approach fat loss ?


So, this won’t be a lecture about the science of fat loss, but more what mind set you should have, when approaching weight loss.  To begin with, this post will detail some of the mistakes people make when wanting to lose a few pounds, and hopefully give you some insight about setting yourself up for a successful diet.

Everything, but, the only thing that really matters

Firstly, the biggest error I have been privy to, when people want to shed a few pounds, is a complete misunderstanding of priorities.   It usually goes like this : 

  • Start exercising (As long as it feels hard it’s got to work), Eat “healthier” food
  • Do a detox
  • Do the exercises that the person you want to look like does (mostly on Insta)
  • Don’t see the results you want and give up 🙁

In essence, it’s a classic haphazard approach, and with a haphazard approach, you won’t get the result you want. There are certain things  you need to understand, they are non-negotiable, you’re not special, this is a rule of the physical world, and it won’t bend for you, or anyone else.


Nothing supersedes this.  Not cutting carbs, not a high-fat diet, not a low fat diet, not a detox, not HIIT Training, not Fasting, neither the keto diet nothing…..And if anybody says otherwise, send them to me.

In reality, this is how all diets work : I can lose fat while eating McDonald’s every day, while my friend can gain fat eating too much broccoli every day.  As long as I’m in a calorie deficit, it’s chicken nuggets and milk shake everyday for me, and, as long as my friend is eating too many calories, it’s broccoli soup for him.

So please, approach fat loss with this mindset and nothing else. Yes, the quality of food is important and I recommend whole food wherever possible, but first things first.  In short, understand how much you need to eat, then go from there. No amount of box jumps or burpee will override this.

 It’s liberating to know, yes, you can have a slice of cake, and still lose fat, as long as you account for it.

Yeah well, that’s all well and good, but how?

 To conclude, here is a step by step guild to calculate  your  calories to  lose weight : 

  • Put yourself in a 10-20% Deficit
  • Eat 2g of protein for every kg of body weight
  • It doesn’t matter what you do with fats and carbs (do what works for you)

With this in mind, log your goals and food in My fitness pal, aim to lose no more then 0.5kg to 1kg a week, no more, if that’s not working, lower it a tiny bit more.

Example below of My Fitness pal for a client in her 30’s, currently at 25% deficit  ( those numbers will be only valid for her, use the TDEE calculator above to find out your deficit macros)

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