Glutes & Hamstring workout

Program Break down!!! Here’s a great example of the perfect glutes, hamstring, core and abs routine that can performed twice per week for maximum growth. Super Sets and Tri Sets!!!! a Superset means that you do the exercies back-to-back with no rest in between. For instance beloz, you do 1 set of A1 and A2 back-to-back and then rest, before going on into your 2nd set…etc ; Rest for 90-120 seconds only after the series is complete . This  a smart way to organise your training, supersets   help you get more work in less time….

  • A1 Banded Hip Thrust 3x8
  • A2 Leg Raises 3x15

Perform 3-4 sets of this superset.

The Hip thrust is the unrelieved glute builder, no exercise come close if you want to build that backside. Feet should be hip width or a little more. Knee should be 45 degrees. Chin should be tucked. Using the band will help recruit the glute med as well. This exercise is done back to back with leg raises simply to save time and help you get more work in, in less time. Leg raises work the lower abs because the pelvis tilts up at the top position .

  • B1 DB stiff leg deadlift 3x8
  • B2 Dead bug 3x15

Perform 3-4 sets of this superset.

The dumbbell stiff leg deadlift is a great stretcher exercise of the hamstrings. You will feel the pull in bottom position, so you know its really working. To perform the stiff leg deadlift, have a stiff leg or soft knee is ok. Pull the hips back until the dumbbell reaches the bottom of the knee caps and you feel a stretch in the hamstrings Remember to keep the chest big and knee’s stiff. Perform this back to back with the dead bug exercise. This exercise is great for core and spinal health.

  • C1 Single leg glute bridge 3x15
  • C2 Side plank 3x12
  • C3 Leg curl 3x12

Perform 3 sets of this superset.

C1)A little tri-set to finish off the workout. The Single leg glute bridge is a great exercise to get a pump in the booty and really make it grow, make sure you perform high reps 15-20.  You will not need to go heavy here. Simple set up like the hip thruster but take one leg off the ground, make sure it stays in line with your thigh as you thrust up.

C2)An amazing one to hit the obliques and stabilizers muscle around the spine. Set up on your foreman, with your toes in line with your fingers. Slowly twist round, stay tight, control the movement.

C3)A simple high rep curl will pump up those hammies at the end of the work. Simply sit in the machine chest up and curl your legs towards you. This is great for hitting the hamstrings.

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