Deadlift Technique

If you are new to weight lifting or just wondering what exactly is the technique for a proper deadlift so you don’t injure yourself, continue reading below. I will explain in detail the 3 phases of this exercice, which will help you grow your glutes.

deadlift starting position
deadlift middle position
deadlift final position

The setup

  • Stand close enough to the bar so your shins are touching the bar 
  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart
  • Point your toes forward
  • Make sure the bar doesn’t roll forward when you bend down. Grab the bar just outside your shins
  • Hips should be above knees
  • Torso should be either  parallel to the ground or between parallel and 45 ° depending on your induvial anatomy
  • Knee’s should be bent
  • Arms should be straight with no bend in the when gripping the bar
  • Shins should be parallel
  • Shoulder blades should be over the bar
  • Pull chest up and push your shoulder blades down so lower back is flat
  • Use the lats to pull the bar into you
  • Brace core

The Ascend

  •  Keep Core Braced
  • Keep chest big
  • Keep shoulder blades over the bar at the start of the movement until the bar passes the  knees
  • Think about pushing the floor away from you
  • Use the knees to get the bar off the floor
  • Keep shoulder blades over the bar
  • Hinge at the hips to finish the lift-off, squeezing the glutes at the top of the movement
  • Extend the hips when the bar gets past your knee
  • Think about pushing your glutes through your body
  • Squeeze glutes at the top of the movement

The Descend

  • When in top position, initiate the descend by hinging at the hips, think about pushing your bum backward
  • Maintain a braced core, don’t let your back round
  • When the bar passes the knee, begin to bend at the knee
  • Maintain a braced core and big chest until the bar touches the floor
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